Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda is Leaving

(Photo source)
Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda in NYC.

Sushi Yasuda is one of the most legit sushi places in the United States and when rumors surfaced he was leaving, I pretended not to see them. Eater picked up the story and wrote they called the restaurant to confirm, my heart sank. Yasuda-san is indeed leaving to open a restaurant in Tokyo. My attachment to Sushi Yasuda and Yasuda-san is more personal, but it is still highly recommended to sit in front of Yasuda-san at least once before he leaves. It’s a great way of getting a glimpse of a Tokyo sushi experience without leaving the country.

Thank you to my very good friend Dan, who introduced me to him. Dan is also one of the reasons I learned to appreciate the Japanese food culture.

Sushi Yasuda
204 E 43rd St
(between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10017
(212) 972-1001

What a bummer.


4 thoughts on “Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda is Leaving

  1. We went to his place in Tokyo. We had a great time. After a little while, he warmed up and telling great stories of meeting so many famous people. We are going back soon.


        1. Depends on your budget. Thereโ€™s everything from affordable to mid-range, expensive to super duper expensiveโ€ฆ (But even the super duper expensive doesnโ€™t compare to the mega high-end sushi restaurants in the US like Masa or Urasawa. Even Jiro costs less than them lol)


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