Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda is Leaving

(Photo source)
Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda in NYC.

Sushi Yasuda is one of the most legit sushi places in the United States and when rumors surfaced he was leaving, I pretended not to see them. Eater picked up the story and wrote they called the restaurant to confirm, my heart sank. Yasuda-san is indeed leaving to open a restaurant in Tokyo. My attachment to Sushi Yasuda and Yasuda-san is more personal, but it is still highly recommended to sit in front of Yasuda-san at least once before he leaves. It’s a great way of getting a glimpse of a Tokyo sushi experience without leaving the country.

Thank you to my very good friend Dan, who introduced me to him. Dan is also one of the reasons I learned to appreciate the Japanese food culture.

Sushi Yasuda
204 E 43rd St
(between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10017
(212) 972-1001

What a bummer.


4 thoughts on “Yasuda-san of Sushi Yasuda is Leaving

  1. We went to his place in Tokyo. We had a great time. After a little while, he warmed up and telling great stories of meeting so many famous people. We are going back soon.


        1. Depends on your budget. There’s everything from affordable to mid-range, expensive to super duper expensive… (But even the super duper expensive doesn’t compare to the mega high-end sushi restaurants in the US like Masa or Urasawa. Even Jiro costs less than them lol)


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