My first drink is always rosé bubbly at Quality Meats, NYC.


Stupid me, I always assumed pink colored wine would be sweet, fruity and, well, sweet.

One of my favorite restaurants on the planet Animal, introduced me to rosé.

I took my first sip and was astounded. It was dry with a mild fruitiness and almost zero acidity I dislike in whites. I couldn’t believe that pink wine could taste like that. The manager, Helen, changed my life.

Rosés go beautifully with Pacific Northwest and California cuisines. I’d even go as far as to say with Japanese food as well. Ever since that day in 2008, I was hooked and have been hooked. I love rosé wines and especially rosê bubbly.

The one downside to fancying rosé is that for some peculiar reason, the champagnes are more expensive than regular champagnes. I’ve been curious as to why that is and finally Googled. As usual, I learned more than I wanted to learn…which pretty much sums up my relationship with wines and champagnes.

Since I understand the process, history, regions and such, I just want to retain information I can use in real life situations. Like when I am at a cocktail party or bar and unsure what to order. I realized long ago, I never, ever remember names. It’s also too much effort to attempt memorizing.

So I started this method which has worked really well: asking.

Yes, I ask the sommelier, server or dining companions but here are some memorable points:

  • The darker the wine or champagne is, the more fruity it is. Lighter rosés are drier. (I love dry.)
  • Many champagne houses make two rosés: standard brut (which can be vintage or non-vintage) and a prestige cuvée brut (which is usually vintage)

Recommended food pairings:
– raw fishes
– grilled crustaceans
– fine meats (like prosciutto)
– duck
– lamb
– spiced foods, especially with vinegar bases (like curry)
– creamy cheeses (goat and sheep)
– red fruit desserts

So if you’ve never tried rosé, do not fret. There’s no better time than now. Gosh, I love rosés during the spring and summers!


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