The Geisha Myth

*Not about food but, I feel as though this needs to be put out there.


No. They are not geisha-sans. They are not maiko-sans (geisha-sans in training), either.

They are employees of that restaurant. I’m guessing it’s likely a ryoutei (料亭) — a super duper expensive Japanese restaurant with a fancy course meal. Of course, it’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

But do not fret geisha seekers, real geisha-sans still exist in the Gion district of Kyoto.

Modern day geisha-sans are not like the ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, geisha-sans, but entertainers. Like kabukui type actors/actresses, where they perform and entertain crowds in a theater. Note: the performers are maiko-sans (geishas in training) and not actual geisha-sans.


This is the sign in front of the Guin Kobu Kaburenjo Theater, where you purchase tickets to watch their performance. With a crowd of people.

Close-up of the explanations of what they perform.

Sorry (well not really) but there is no two-dollar-sucky-sucky business some of you may be thinking. Just kidding! Well not really. Hey, someone has to put this out there. So I’m just going to leave that information here. With photo proof and geo-tagged proof. Go me.

BUT do not fret. I did get some insider knowledge of how to see a maiko-san up close and in their natural (?) states.

One, from this adorable old man who runs a ryoutei. Ready?

Step One: Find this building (points below):

Step two: hang-out (inconspicuously) outside between 6-7. Apparently, that is a maiko-san quarters, and the maiko-sans leave their home to have tea around that time.

The second vital information, is courtesy of the lady of the ryokan (inn) I am staying. If you eat in this district called 先斗町(Ponto-cho), you will see maiko-sans hanging out there after work.

You’re welcome and have a great day.

Sincerely, Your neighborhood Japanese person.


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