Osuimono: the other miso soup

Osuimono served at a Kyoto inn for breakfast. Bonus: the reflection of my right shoulder.



It almost feels insulting calling osuimono (お吸い物) the ‘other miso soup’ as the simplicity of this translucent broth makes it all the more complex.

The base has only four ingredients:
soy sauce

The challenge is putting it all together.

In Japanese cooking, there are tens of variations of soy sauce, two most commonly used. There are eight common ways to prepare dashi, hundreds of sake choices. Which ones do you choose? Which combinations work well together?

Almost all classic Japanese foods is basically a ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ scenario, where a person can spend a lifetime perfecting the art of *insert dish name*; in this case, ‘the other miso soup’.

Um. No thanks.

But I sure love a bowl of osuimono, possibly more than miso soup. Do please try it if you haven’t yet.

Note: in the US, osuimono is usually off the menu or written on the Japanese only one. Don’t be afraid to ask your server (only if the restaurant is owned and run by a Japanese).

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