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Furikake is a Japanese seasoning typically made from nori (seaweed), katsuobushi (dried Bonito flakes), sesame seeds, dried ground fish, salt, sugar and MSG.

We eat it with rice (sprinkle, make rice balls, etc.)

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of variations of Furikake Popcorn like Furikake Chex Mix, and Furikake Salmon. I even saw a recipe for furikake fried chicken! Since these recipes are mostly from non-Japanese, I googled to see how Japanese people use furikake aside from sprinkling over rice.


Most of my findings were recipes for homemade furikake but I found some creative uses.

Someone added it to an omelette.


Sprinkling over toast is very popular.


Furikake pasta salad


I’m including one of the most popular recipes because the bentos are so cute (who doesn’t like cute food?) and it’s also really easy to make.

Homemade Tuna Fish Furikake
1 can of tunafish (3oz.)
2-2.5 tbsps of soy sauce
1 tbsp of sugar

Drain the tuna. In a small frying pan, add the ingredients and lightly sauté until the liquid is gone. Sprinkle over rice, turn it into a rice ball, add it to your bento!

Recipe and photos via here (Japanese)

Furikake is so versatile, I love this stuff so much. Since standard furikake is savory (katsuobushi, seaweed, MSG, etc.) it would go well with a lot of cream / milk products. Like a furikake dip (Greek yogurt + furikake) or adding it in cottage cheese. You can combine it with an oil and pasta; like a furikake peperoncino (sesame or olive oil + garlic + furikake). David Chang (of Momofuku) uses furikake in a lot of his dishes ex: sprinkling over sashimi, ramen, grilled fish, chicken, etc.

If you haven’t tried furikake yet, do please try. They even sell it on Amazon.
Japanese products are so fun!


Because… bacon. It’s just bacon with chopped up parsley. I never thought to make rice balls with bacon and parsley. YUM.

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