Daily Tsukiji: Unreal Uni


On Friday, February 13th I had unreal uni during my daily Tsukiji trip. As always I went to say my daily hello to Saga-san at the uni bar. He told me he put a special uni aside for me to try (!!!)

Pictured left, this uni is from the Rausu region of Hokkaido. Rausu is on the East Northern tip along the Nemuro Strait. The topography is optimal for sea life and Rausu konbu kelp is one of the three highest grade kelp used for Japanese cuisine. Uni eats konbu and the various grades of uni is dependent on the kind of konbu it feeds on.

Words can not describe how amazing this uni was. I never had anything like it. There was a firmness but it melted into my mouth like smooth, thick, rich liquified chocolate. Just a touch sweet, with the slightest hint of sea I could smell through my nose. The sensations were out of this world.

I’m still thinking about it, that’s how much I loved it. The uni on the right is from the Tomakomai region. Delicious but didn’t even compare to the Rausu.

Both were eaten with freshly ground Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt by the way, looks incredible displayed on beautiful sushi counters.

Thanks to Saga-san I am turning into a reluctant uni expert. I don’t think I can eat ‘regular’ uni anymore. What a spoiled problem to have…


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