Daily Tsukiji: Seared Goodness

Wow, one of the most memorable places so far for sure.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the seared Kama toro I had at Kuybey (as opposed to the raw one at Sushi Ichiban on Saturday) so I asked the people at Tsukiji for their recommendations of a place that serves seared sushi. General consensus was Kagura Sushi.

Kagura Sushi was indeed delicious. For their rice shari they use Yamagata rice with housemade akazu 赤酢 (five year aged vinegar of a darker finish, usually used for sushi). And for the searing aburi 炙り they don’t torch but sear on a net. Searing on a net ensures there is no bitterness to the finish of the fish.

The results? Incredible.


Nodoguro sea bass. A firm white fish that is so delicate, serving it seared elevates its tastes.


Kinmedai sea bream (?) a popular white fish, kinmedai frequently appears in sushi and also traditional Japanese cooking. I love it when it’s baked in rice, stewed, wait but the sushi form was also excellent. It’s one of my favorites.


Tachiuo. The transalation is a bit strange. It says scabbard fish, not sure what that means. The fish resembles mackerel sanma and the Japanese characters 太刀魚 means Great Sword Fish. This guy is a hikarimono shiny fish. Hikarimono are known to have more prominent tastes, a bit more naturally fatty and (good) oily. It blended so well with the rice I didn’t want it to end.


Kuromutsu. Another one where the translation makes zero sense. I don’t think this one is widely available abroad too. This one, too, fantastic. I don’t remember the exact tastes but more so the texture and scent — it was a perfect piece.


Kinki. Again, strange English name. I think I’ve had it in the US before. It was as tasty as beautiful.

For the last piece, I asked the itamae-san chef to serve me his choice not seared. Out came Japanese winter amberjack kan buri 寒ブリ toro. The character is ‘cold buri’. Holy cow, this one was incredible. I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo… Oops. It was just like toro, luxuriously soft with a subtle ocean.


Then finished off with an elegant white miso soup that was out of this world.

They also have tons of grilled fish items (lots of collar!) and specials of the days. I can’t wait to go back again, it was really that good.

The pink blob I blurred out in the background is Himalayan salt. I ate all the pieces with no soy sauce — the rice and fish were flavorful on their own. The itamae-san noticed I wasn’t using soy sauce right away and lightly flavored the pieces for me.

Tuskiji Kagura Sushi
C4 and E5 on the Tsukiji map. (I went to the one at C4)

I read, write and speak Japanese so I was able to customize my order. They don’t have an English menu but they have photos, so you can point. This place is a definitely in my top three at Tsukiji thus far.


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