Food Nerd

Daily Tsukiji visits are turning me into a sushi know it all. And it kind of sucks. I hate being that person who knows way too much about food. But more so, it almost feels as though I’m failing to eat the sushi in their most optimal states (right when it’s served) because I’m notating and taking photos before consuming.

Back in the States while my friends would take photos on their mega cameras and write everything down, I’m the one who is in a trance like state enjoying the moment and, the best part: the food. Now, I have become one of them.

But there are so many varieties of fish I’ve never seen or heard before. I can’t help but to want to learn more.

Beyond sushi, the Japanese are astoundingly knowledgeable in their respective fields. The Tsukiji visits have motivated me to pick up essays and books written by food scientists, food historians, famous Japanese chefs and misc. Japanese food experts.

Japanese cuisine is so simple that it is complex with rich histories and theories behind every component. Food enthusiasts are so generous with their knowledge I just can’t believe how much they are willing to share. There are so many available reading materials, it is unreal.

I will be sharing some of these learnings and file them under the “Nerdy Food Stuff” section. After all it seems almost silly that a language barrier should keep these spectacular tid-bits locked away only within this country and, my people.

Pardon in advance to the people who just come here for photos but food is such a huge part of me and what I am most passionate about. I can’t stop talking about all the things I learn and since no one really seems interested, I’m going to dump them here.


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