Daily Tsukiji FAQ

I’m getting asked the same questions over and over about Mission Daily Tsukiji so allow me to break it down for you all.

How are you not a bajillion pounds?

There is something not under our control: science. Biology has a lot do with it. I have a tiny frame and optimal metabolism for eating thanks to DNA. I also think I was born to eat. I mean, look at my name — Mona M Nomura = MM Nom. (I have a friend who calls me Nom Nom Nomura…)

My weight is kept under control by:
1. Requesting ‘easy rice’ (shari wo sukuname de onegaishimasu) so I’m not eating mountains of carbs
2. Eating six pieces max. Unlike other sushi restaurants, the establishments in Tsukiji – even the high-end ones – do not frown upon ordering only a few items. There are days I eat more than my limit. So the next day I eat less.
3. I do not work out but I do walk a lot. Walking = exercise. Exercise = staying trim.

I also never use soy sauce to watch my sodium intake. The fish served at Tsukiji is so fresh, soy sauce is rarely necessary.

How can you afford this?

Since setting the goal to eat through Tsukiji I made a plan. Budget is of course part of that plan (as is weight management). There are days I spend more. And days I spend less. But I always stay within budget.

Surprisingly, I’m spending less on food now than ever before. I visit the market during the AM and the latest I am there is 1pm. So I eat and spend on lunch what I allocated for dinner in the past. For dinner, I spend what I normally would for lunch. Lunch prices for most restaurants are cheaper so turns out, I’m under budget and saving money while eating better than ever. With left over funds I splurge on dinner. (Also. I sometimes bring dates to Tsukiji. They are usually so excited and happy to be there with someone who knows the market, they offer to pay. Don’t judge me, it’s a win-win situation!)

How much time do you spend there a day?

Two hours – tops. But there are days I’m there longer. Some of the places have two to three hour lines (wtf).

Sushi courses go quickly. There are times I am in and out in under 15 minutes. It takes me one train, $3 dollars to and from and 20 minutes to get there. So it’s not like I’m traveling hours on end just to eat a piece of sushi.

Are you sick of sushi yet?

No. The reason is this.

Do you really go everyday?

Yes. Well. That’s a lie. I don’t go on Sundays. Sundays almost everything is closed.

I’ll keep updating this as I see fit. Feel free to leave your own questions in the comments!



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