Daily Tsukiji: Quick Observation

It’s 7am and I’m already at the market. Mainly because I skipped Friday and Saturday and really missed the energy.

No photo as I’m just taking in the early AM sights and sounds but I just had to jot this down as I think about this a lot and keep forgetting to do so.

No matter day or time I am here, the market is always crowded. There are locals shopping. Merchants purveying. Tourists – both Japanese and non-Japanese – standing in line for Sushi Dai or Daiwa, crowding the stands and spilling out into the streets.

I mean. I know I’m one of the people contributing to the crowd but I really wonder what these people do for a living. Tourists I get, but the Japanese people. The Japanese are notorious for all having corporate 9 – 5s. Yet they are standing in line. For sushi! And Tsukiji goods! Who are they? And what do they do??

It’s a mystery, I tell you.

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