Daily Tsukiji: Buri Belly 

Googling how to reset my memory so I can enjoy places other than Shutoku did no good. I came across useless articles about how to get over someone who cheated on you. Or like, how to forget that one unforgettable guy/girl. I tried replacing ‘guy’ with ‘food’, but it didn’t work out too well. Actually it was very strange. (I’ll spare the details.) So I did the next best thing: go to another place that serves akazu vinegar rice sushi. Akazu, is the five year brewed vinegar. 

Since I forgot to take a photo of the buri belly from last week, I went back to the same place that serves seared sushi and ordered three pieces of seared (Aburi) omakase and four pieces of non-seared omakase. With the stipulation the buri belly be included. 

Customizing orders can be challenging here as the menu items are all in Japanese (except the set menus.)

Image is cropped funny because the interior is kind of cluttered and it didn’t look very presentable.

Usual suspects from left to right: kinmedai, tachiuo, nodo guro – the descriptions are on the previous post.

Buri belly. I remeber it was white last week and not confident this is the same fish lol

This one is new. it’s called kue (クエ) and a simple white fish with a bite.. this fish is named ara in the Kyushu region of Japan and, morocco in the Tokyo and surrounding areas. I mean, it was good but not out of this world.

Seki Saba. Mackerel from the Seki region.

The last piece was a chu-toro. Didn’t even compare to the one I had at Shutoku. 

I’m not being biased, but, at the same price I can have a way better meal at Shutoku. Probably not returning here again. Sadly. 


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