London Day Two

After a 12.5 hour flight. Taxiing on the tarmac for almost two hours and another two hours to clear immigration I finally got to see some parts of London. Was so exhausted so last night was pretty low key. 

Slow start to Day Two but I am already in love with this great city.

The produce here is phenomenal.

And of course I had to have fish n chips at a pub. COLOSSAL.

I really dislike peas.

Several observations: 

  • London is so diverse. And I love that. There is not one dominant race or culture. 
  • Everyone has been so kind to me! I can’t stop smiling and talking to as many people as I can. 
  • The weather is fantastic. So warm and sunny today. Makes me happy. 
  • I was highly concerned about the food but what I’ve eaten so far has been delicious (last night I had a Moroccan salad with goat cheese and even ate quinoa). 

This city is so charming. Reminds me of the West Village in NY. Can’t wait to see more!


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