London Day Three

I am eating some phenomenal Indian and Mediterranean food in London! I will update later in full detail but for now here are some photos.


Found a fantastic fruit stand and nut stand in a small market. l visit them daily for produceand nuts.


And lastly, from our dinner last night. The puff pastries were like deconstructed samosas. They were soooooo good. The little squares next to them are chickpea cakes – they reminded me of cornbread but the chickpea cakes had way more flavor and a less gritty texture. Really tasty.


Then some rice with tomatoes and spices. And the soup like thing was a Chinese inspired dish – I tasted black beans and Sezchuan with Tamarind and maybe paprika… which was really weird to me.


Curry chick peas (sorry for the messy plate). And not pictured is a Chinese stir fry of vegetables. Again, another Chinese inspired Indian dish. So. Weird.


Anyway. I would post photos of the nightlife but I doubt they would be interesting.

As you can tell, I am having a blast in London with the most excellent company 🙂

The Indian place is Roti Chai
3 Portman Mews S,
London W1H 6HS
It’s street food inspired Indian with lots of fun and playful small plates.


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