Quick update as I just came back to Tokyo (missed a flight, ended up spending 36 or so hours in different airports ha ha ha more on that later) but I’ve neglected this blog for a few days and I just had to update.

So here is the final spread I put together. I was so addicted to finding different fruits, nuts, etc. while in London.

FullSizeRenderApples, plums, tangerines, strawberries, cherries from the fruit stand I visited daily. Their fruits sell out by noon because the quality is so excellent, prices are reasonable.

Also included are nuts from a nut stand in Borough Market — spiced cashews and almonds.

The chocolates are from Hotel Chocolat’s sister restaurant in the Market, Rabot 1745‘s gift shop – they have this incredible machine up front and center that is always churning chocolate. One of the chocolate artisans kindly walked me through the process. It was really great.

Siiiiiiigh. I really, really reallllly miss London already.
More later, I’m pretty exhausted…



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