Deconstructed Dessert Pondering

So I’m trolling Instagram like I always do and stumbled onto this photo of a stunning dessert. But am I the only one who wonders what the proper etiquette is to eat this? Are you supposed to swipe the sponge and ice cream over the dots scattered on the plate? Or does one… push the bits on the plate towards the middle where the solid foods are? Or at the end, swipe a finger over the left over sprinkles? I mean if Ego the French food critic from Ratatouille ran his finger over the plate and licked the sauce, we should be able to, too right? 

Or like this one. The berries are half on and half off the plate. Do you just… leave the berries where they are? Or does one pick it up with a fork and knife? Spoon? Your mouth??? 

So many questions. I usually ask the servers the best ways to consume because I don’t want to embarrass myself. But I know so many people who don’t… 

Complex fancy food is great but I wish chefs would educate the diners, the way René Redzepi and the noma staff does.


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