#DailyTsukiji Failure

Shame on me.

I’m still recovering, recapping and processing my trip to London. My stomach and taste buds also need recalibrating as it went through some massive changes. I had spiced and heavily flavored foods for a week and not quite back in sushi mode yet.

I visited the market on Saturday but just wasn’t hungry for sushi — actually, I ended up eating a burger at one of my favorite places in my neighborhood. Go figure.

It’s also raining. And cold. Japan’s cold shouldn’t bother me much. I walk down the streets of Tokyo, the chilly winds cutting through my hair and I think of New York, and how I survived a near decade of the brutal winters. My week in London, where the winds were at times, just as harsh as NYC. And I hum that stupid song from Frozen to myself, the part where Elsa sings: “The cold never bothered me anyway.” to motivate myself.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to ease up. So I am going back to the market. Hopefully, I will be in the mood for sushi again… which was my long-winded way of saying pardon the slacking of Mission Daily Tsukiji (and this inane update of word vomit).

Your neighborhood friendly Japanese.


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