Kit Kat and Japan

There are over 200 flavors of Kit Kat in Japan. Two. Hundred. The newest addition to the line-up is Butter flavored, only available for purchase in the Hokkaido region of Japan (far up north).


When I saw the news, the first thing I noticed was not the flavor, but the packaging. What is this… Kit Kat Chocolatory Special?

Turns out, Nestlé and Kit Kat have a premium line only in Japan, where a pâtissier concocts a premium line with premium ingredients. They categorize themselves with chocolatiers such as Pierre Marcolini, Jean-Paul Hévin, Neuhaus, Demel, etc., etc., and offer three types of ‘gourmet’ lines:


Hmmmmmm, okay. If you say so.

Apparently there is a shop in Ikebukuro (about 20 minutes from where I live) so I need to see these for myself. Maybe tomorrow.

Photos courtesy of KitKat Japan’s FB page 


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