Blacows, Tokyo

IMG_1576I think these blogs are outdated because Blacows is definitely not the best burger in the World. More or less Tokyo.

1. the burger comes with tartar sauce. And it’s not the tartar sauce we are used to in the US. It’s like homemade tartar sauce with chunks of egg whites and sweet mayo. Yuck.
2. the burger also comes with this marinated onion thing – almost like a chutney. Gross
3. the burger is also topped with barbecue sauce – and it’s not the spicy sweet oh so finger licking delicious kind, it’s this sticky sweet almost Worcestershire like sauce. No thanks.
4. and the meat of the patty is finely minced. The finish is almost rubbery and reminiscent of Jimmy Dean sausage patties. Do not want.

So I thought it may be all the toppings disturbing the burger. I returned not once, twice, but three times and ordered in different ways. Today was my fourth trip (I live in Ebisu so it’s not out of my way) and confirmed: the burgers here are horrible.

I don’t care if Blacows uses Wagyu – this place is not good.

Highly not recommended.

Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, Ebisunishi, 2 Chome−11-9


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