Cherry Blossom Season has Arrived!

I’m still deciding which I prefer: Japan’s foliage or cherry blossom season. They both make me so happy. 

The cherry blossoms are about to blossom so I strolled to the famous Nakameguro canals to check it out before the crowds come hoarding in. This place gets packed. Jam packed. Like Time’s Square on NYE packed. I’m pretty lucky as I can walk there in about 15 minutes. So popping by for lunch is super convenient for me. 

The blossoms are almost there but still patchy. Can’t wait until they are in full bloom. 


And another one: 



Stunning already. 

But the best part, are the food stands that set up during this heavily trafficked time. Yesterday I had lunch from the rotisserie stand. And it was seriously bomb dot com. 



The chicken is roasted above the potatoes so the chicken juice cooks with them. Yum. 

The skin was so crispy and the chicken so tender and juicy. I almost cried eating this. 

I have more photos – will add later as I’m on the go! 



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