Makanai #familymeals

One of the best things about working in restaurants are family meals. Family meals are the meals served to restaurant staff cooked by the chefs and served to everyone who works in the restaurant.

Thomas Keller’s family meals were so delicious and popular, Ad Hoc located walking distance from TFL’s menu is based on what the chefs from The French Laundry (TFL), Bouchon and Per Se. (By the way, Ad Hoc’s fried chicken is out of control – if you have a chance to visit, do please go!)

Back in the States, I was that annoying regular at my favorite restaurants who would ask a trillion questions about off menu items and what the family meal of the day was. It actually paid off as a lot of the restaurants I frequented let me eat with the staff. It was such a privilege and I am eternally grateful. Family meals are truly special and they never fail to make me smile.

In Japanese, family meals are called makanai and today while trolling Instagram, I found a lot of restaurant employees uploading their makanai photos!

Here are two that made me smile:

The chefs wrote her name out with ketchup – so cute – and she was super happy 🙂



Pork belly and hakusai (Japanese cabbage) hot pot but the chef who posted this photo had a little fun. Too cute ♥


If by any chance you, too, happen to be interested in Japanese family meals search the hashtag ‘まかない’ and prepare to waste an hour scrolling!

You’re welcome.


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