Curry Bomb Dot Com: Tamakinchi, Ebisu


Ahhhh I keep forgetting to get this up so I’m doing it. Right now.

The other day I stumbled onto a wonderful little curry place for lunch. This place is known for their eight hour braised pork over curry rice and boy was it tasty.


Store front. They serve lunch from 11AM – 5PM (which is a rarity in Japan, as most places close between 1:30-2PM until 5:30-6PM for dinner).

The little pub is run by one lady who cooks all the food in the quaint establishment. There are 5-6 two tops that are squeezed together and 5-6 counter seats, also squeezed together. As soon as you open the front door, the sweet and spicy smells of Japanese curry wraps around your face and it’s just so inviting, you can’t help but to order curry, even if there are plenty of other items on the menu.


The interior is very retro and has a homey feel to it. For a Japanese, it’s very nostalgic. Like sitting in your favorite aunt’s kitchen.

I ordered their signature pork curry. My friend ordered the katsu curry:


…which was kind of a bummer. The katsu pieces are so small. But the tasty, home cooked curry made up for it. I think… I hope?


Actually. I think it suited him just fine. We both cleaned our plates.

I loved my curry and everything about this little place. If you are ever in Tokyo and feel like a local experience, this is definitely one (there were zero tourists and English speakers – all Japanese salary men and students). It’s comfort food at its finest!

Tamakinchi たまきんち
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