Hello Again

IMG_2133Let’s look for the champagne with strawberries for you he says in his soft, calming voice. I look back at him and smile with appreciation, as I was still a bit bummed my first glass didn’t have a strawberry or cherry blossom petals. We are seeing each other for the first time in almost a year. I am bit relieved he remains the sweet, soft spoken charming guy I adore.

The last week of March is the best time to be in Japan. It is when the cherry blossoms come alive for their short lived annual bloom. The city just keeps getting prettier as the cherry blossom buds open, bursting with pink and white. You can’t help but look up and around while walking the city. It is a special time in Japan and the air seems warmer, the sky more blue and everyone is just… happy. Positive energy really is, contagious. I can’t get enough of spring in Japan.

There are several parks and sight seeing spots in Tokyo where the full glory of cherry blossoms are on display. Nakameguro is my favorite. Not because it is within walking distance of my home, but because the cherry blossoms lining the canals are unlike any of the other parks. The cherry blossoms grow closer in proximity to ground level and even if there are hoards of people, there are enough pockets and grooves along the canals to escape. There is also plenty of space around the canals to take photos, as the canals stretch for miles. There probably isn’t a place where one could take a ‘bad’ photo, unlike a lot of the other parks, where there are only one or two scenes everyone takes pictures of. And of course, the street food at Nakameguro is the best.

I really had a good time this trip he says, as he jets off to his next destination. See? Never farewell.


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