David Chang’s Ode to Corey Lee

This has to be one of the best pieces I’ve read so far this year. It’s from Lucky Peach and David Chang wrote a raw ode to Corey Lee of Benu in San Francisco. Who knew David Chang was such an incredible writer. Anyone with any interest in food, should head over and read it. Bookmark it, then read it again. And again. And again.

An excerpt:

In this day and age of people going bananas for chefs and food, I don’t think anybody understands how remarkable and singular Corey is. There’s never going to be anyone like him again. His skill set, what he’s done, and how he’s done it—it’s everything a cook should aspire to.

Also — today turned into a TK day, starting with TK being in Japan, to Cory Lee (TK’s #1 protégé, he was TFL for many years before opening Benu). I sound like a total fan girl but whatever, giving props and sharing where accolades are due, is something I will never apologize for.

That said, hope you enjoy David Chang’s piece as much as I did.
Read it here.


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