Truth Bomb

I say, you’ve got to have classes for eaters. People who never want to cook, but when they go out to restaurants, how can they choose what’s right? So you have classes for them, and you prepare a thing in a bad way, mediocre, and good. And you point out the difference, and build a palate.

— Diana Kennedy, ‘You’re Eating Fake Tortillas, and Diana Kennedy is Pissed About It.‘ via Vice Magazine

What a terrific piece. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about Mexican food. I was raised in Northern California, where we are guilty of indulging in melted cheese over corn or flour tortillas topped with shredded chicken breast or some sort of beef, covered with more cheese, a mountain of sour cream, guacamole. I think it’s what we call Tex-Mex.

The first time I had a real taco, I was confused:


Um. There’s only marinated meat, lime, chopped onions and cilantro on top? Where’s the rest of the… stuff? (I don’t even know if those tacos pictured above are authentic, either.) When I went home and googled, turns out everything I thought I knew about Mexican food, was wrong. These days we are fortunate to have people like Anthony Bourdain, René Redzepi share their thoughts on Mexican cuisine (google if interested, lots of great information out there!)

When I saw this Vice article pass through my Twitter feed of course I clicked and boy am I glad I did; how on-point is that quote? Definitely worth five minutes out of your days (if you are interested in or love food).

Read the Vice piece here.


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