L’AS: the secret is out

FullSizeRender (4)

Tomato compote in basil jelly with Pianogrillo olive oil.

Ahhhhh and another lovely Tokyo restaurant is uncovered to the public — I really hope booking will remain reasonable.

Our meal at L’AS kicked off with a creamy spoonful of mozzarella and just kept getting better. The signature crispy foie gras sandwich with orange and caramel cream: imagine a miniature ice cream sandwich with a silky foie gras mousse and an acidic compote that shocks the palate between a thin, firm wafer. Large zucchini cylinder whisps with crumbled freeze dried olives, anchovy powder –amazing and probably my favorite. Pig’s trotter (feet) and belly croquettes with spring napa Japanese cabbage sauerkraut. Mackerel with smoked potato, firefly squid, red wine squid reduction — intense. Roasted Fujidori chicken with two sauces, one made of onesen tamago Japanese poached egg and pepper. Tomato compote with basil jelly and a lovely croustiller chocolate, chestnut and chocolate cream kanafeh made with wheat flour.

We sat at the sister restaurant (Bar Cork) and had an amazing flight of wines with our meal — champagne, Austrian rosé, French white, Italian white, French red and one of my favorites: Barbaresco with the main dish of the roasted chicken.

What a meal.

Hurry and go before L’AS becomes impossible to book! The menu changes every three weeks, make sure to add the Degustation — the sommelier is something else.
L’AS Tokyo, Minami-Aoyama

More photos:


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