America Full

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There is full. Then there is America full. Very first time at Lawry’s was in Tokyo of all places. Still trying to wrap my head around that. I mean, I’ve heard of Lawry’s since I grew up in the States but came all the way to Japan to eat there.

The prime rib was a massive slab of meat just like in the States. Cleaned the entire plate and I was stuffed. Like Homer Simpson-stuck-on-couch-I-can’t-move-whatwasithinking food coma status. The last time I felt this full was back in the U.S., most likely after shoveling Tex-Mex in the suburbs of L.A. down my pie hole. (The chips and salsa refills kill me – I have zero self control and can eat like five basket fulls by myself. #sexy)

I was curious as to the type of clientele Lawry’s attracts and since we were sitting at the bar, we had the opportunity to eavesdrop on lots of people enjoying a drink before being seated. There were:

  • American tourists (of course)
  • Chinese tourists (surprising)
  • Japanese people celebrating special occasions (heard happy birthday sung about five or six times through our meal)
  • Older Japanese salary men having business dinners — several times, I heard one man boasting knowledge to the other “Lawry’s is very very famous in America. There is one in Vegas, Chicago, Beverly Hills” …which was a bit endearing. Who knew Japanese men still feel the need to show off their America ‘smarts’.

Well, at least I can finally check ‘Eat at Lawry’s’ off my checklist…? And I’ll just leave it at that. Haha


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