Can Firefly Squid Season End Already Please?

I am bored of hotaru ika firefly squidThere. I said it. Seasonal ingredients are the best. Diners get to enjoy ingredients during their optimal eating times The downside to seasonal ingredients is how they show-up all. the. time.Sushi restaurants, traditional Japanese restaurants, French, Italian and even Lawry’s, firefly squid is everywhere. I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten firefly squid this season but I do know it’s enough times that I’m more than happy to bid it farewell until next winter.

The thing with firefly squid is they are delicious but intense and have distinct tastes and textures. If they were more like kan buri (winter amberjack) with a subtler flavor perhaps I wouldn’t be tired of them. Who knows. But spring menus started in Feb., March. Why are they still being used? Move onto more spring like ingredients, culinary world of Japan!

…thus ends a very first world problem rant in one of the best eating cities on the planet. Oops.


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