New Trend Alert: Dehydrated Olives

One of the things I love about Instagram is how people in the food industry has embraced it. Even from far away Tokyo, I can keep up with what some of my favorite chefs and restaurants are up to.

Today I stumbled onto Boulud Sud’s Insta. Boulud Sud is Daniel Boulud’s Mediterranean inspired restaurant and they have the loveliest crudité for spring:

Spring vegetables on a bed of whipped feta mousse and dehydrated Niçoise olives.

Which reminded me of the zucchini salad I had at L’AS, Tokyo the other night:

Wispy cylinders of zucchini, dehydrated olive crumbles, anchovy powder. Amazing.

I’ve also seen dehydrated olives used in other dishes from other places around Tokyo. Are they making a comeback? Or is this a new trend?

Either way, I will back it, as dehydrated olives are super delicious. You almost don’t need to dress the salad because the taste is so concentrated and rich.

If you’re ever in New York by the way, Daniel Boulud’s establishments have fantastic food, definitely worth the money. Daniel is especially recommended — I’ve been a few times. Frequently during the phase I was dating bankers and management consultants. Don’t judge me, I would date them mainly for free meals at absurdly priced establishments: Per Se, Masa, EMP, Daniel, etc., etc. Stopped when I started to feel like Marie Antoinette, eating ridiculous meals with other people’s hard earned money… and taxes, in the case of bankers 😉

Ahhhhhhh missing NYC 😦

Boulud Sud
64th b/w Broadway and Central Park West

Instagram photo via here

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