NYC to Tokyo

Photo by me via Insta. I think this is somewhere around Greenwich Village (near the West Village, where I lived for years)


In June of 2013 I moved from NYC to Tokyo. It’s pretty hard to leave a city like New York. New York City is a very special place. There’s a vibrance just walking down the street. It’s packed with people from all over the globe, focused. Driven. Rushing. It seems like everyone has a purpose, a goal. The colossal skyscrapers, the culture, the subcultures, the food, everything about New York is a daily reminder of how insignificant I am to this world. I always want to do more. See more. Be more.

In April of 2013, I visited Tokyo for 10 days. It was the first time in six years, I stepped back into Japan. I was captivated.



The cherry blossom canals in Nakameguro.
The cherry blossom canals in Nakameguro.

Tokyo, is bustling but not noisy. Busy, yet there is order. There is conformity but the city is so large, so diverse, there is room to be different.

Tokyo has everything I love about a big city and more. It’s convenient. Clean. There are pockets of old within new and new within old. There are so many layers, so much history and every day I make a new discovery.

Tokyo constantly delights me. Surprises me. Catches me off guard. There are so many things that make zero sense. So much quirkiness. Tokyo keeps me on my toes, yet it is peaceful. Non-confrontational. Passive yet aggressive. Just like the people. My culture. My roots.

I am at ease in Tokyo.

This week is spring holiday in Japan. The streets of Tokyo are empty, the city serene, as a lot of transplants flee from Tokyo back to their home towns or holiday outside of Japan with their friends and or loved ones.

As I strolled around this city I now call home, I couldn’t help feeling envious at the groups of friends and even couples. I miss my friends and family I left behind in The States. More than I care to admit to myself.

There will always be a part of me that yearns for New York. Will always yearn for New York. Especially my friends and family. Then I stopped, looked around my neighborhood, reminded myself how priviliged I am to call Japan home. To speak the language, read and write. And remembered I am here for a purpose.


Two photos of my magical neighborhood. I live in an area of Tokyo called Ebisu — it’s super convenient, central to everything with tons of great food 🙂

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