Japan: Where Traditional Media Still Rules

The other day I stumbled onto a used bookstore down the street I walk down almost daily. Turns out, it wasn’t that I was oblivious to my surroundings, this used bookstore is open only twice a week during an odd chunk of hours. It almost seems like the owners have this shop as a hobby, more so than a business. Which is only one of the many reasons I love Tokyo so much. I make new discoveries all. the. time.

Anyway, I walked in and immediately found two food books (one on pickling and another dedicated to chicken karaage) I picked up for $3 USD! Sadly, I was on my way to an onsen get-away so I didn’t want to carry too many heavy books with me. But there were so many books I wanted (I’m addicted to retro cookbooks). Can’t wait to return.

It’s incredible how Japan has so many books, magazines and resources dedicated to food — usually focusing on one topic. There are hundreds of books dedicated to ramen, soba, sushi, French, Italian, haute-cuisine…on and on introducing restaurants and even food stands of Japan. They are also broken down by region, major cities down to neighborhoods and areas. Food is so ingrained in our culture and beings. The amount of knowledge is seriously neverending.

So privileged to live here. And, to be Japanese.

My finds from last month — I was curious to read what the Japanese had to say about noma so I picked that magazine up for sure. Then two more magazines on of course, Tokyo food.

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