Restaurant Hacks: WD~50 (RIP)

wd~50 in NYC was one of the very first U.S. restaurants that served molecular gastronomy. Sadly they closed in 2014 but memories of the Clinton St. icon still lives on. Chef Wylie Dufresne owner and chef of wd~50 is still one of the highly respected chefs of the world.

I was looking through photos from one of my U.S. iPhones and came across these I took on one of my many visits. In 2011? 2012? ish, the exact year eludes me, but I learned through a restaurant industry friend that you can sit at their bar and order two dishes from their prix fixe. The tasting menus were regularly priced $225 (not including alcohol). The bar was $25 for two dishes, $15 for additional plates. Seriously, best deal ever. 

After I learned this, I ate through a lot of their tasting menus that way — ghetto, I know. But wd~50’s food was very intense and there was no way I could eat 11-12 courses of heavy food.

Anyway, the point of this post is that if you search and ask enough questions, there are many fine dining establishments that offer similar deals.

Some may argue that dining should be an experience and how diners like me ruin Chef’s visions, etc., etc., but what Chef Wylie did, was make his food accessible to picky eaters who wanted to taste his food and also to those who couldn’t afford to indulge in expensive meals. And if you don’t like it — don’t do it!

Sigh, things like this makes me really miss the U.S.
If you happen to know deals like this in and around your city, do please share!

More food photos after the jump — in case you’re interested.



Squab, Tomato Hummus, Pickled Turnip, Tzatziki
Rootbeer Ribs, Rye Spaetzle, Apricot
wd~50 S’mores – yum


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