Only in Japan: Diner Food with Absurd Wines

Saizeria is a Denny’s like chain restaurant in Japan, where the food is ultra cheap. Edible, as it is a Japanese establishment, but everything on the menu is most likely highly processed pre-packaged foods, zapped in some sort of super oven with bionic rays of light that resurrects the ingredients into consumable states.

The interior of every Saizeria mirrors the photo from above: dingy yellow halogen lights shines down on the food making them look even more unappetizing. Rickety turtle green chairs and booths that look like leftovers from a 70’s porn set.

So when I heard a rumor they had a hidden wine list, I of course had to check it out. Lo and behold…


This is only part of their menu as I got busted for taking photos but they have Barolos for 7,500 yen (apprx: USD$70) and even a Grappa. What in the world?

Why anyone would come here and eat their cheap crap foods with expensive wines is beyond me.

Stay weird, Japan.


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