Julia Child and Jacque Pépin Poach Eggs

And the obsession continues… With eggs and, Jacques Pépin, Julia Child. I posted tips from Julia Child on poached eggs a while back but since I stumbled onto the video on YouTube, decided to share it here too. As an added bonus, Jacques Pépin is poaching eggs his way alongside Julia.

In the video, Julia uses a “mechanical device”. Jacqués does it the old fashioned way and this clip just makes me smile so much. Such an invaluable piece of history preserved online. Thank you, YouTube!

Julia’s mechanical device by the way, is not mechanical at all. It’s this little metal thing that holds the egg in place as it poaches. So cute. The video was shot some time in the 80’s and Ms. Child mentions how they are hard to find now. Well. Lo and behold, in 2015 they aren’t as hard to find (if you are in the U.S.) Williams-Sonoma carries them for $6.95 each. Buy them here.

You’re welcome.


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