noma Pastry Chef’s Redcurrant and Almond Tart Recipe 

Louise Bannon is noma’s Pastry Sous chef. It’s so neat how so many noma chefs / employees are super active on Instagram. They share a lot of their lives, inner workings of noma, new dishes, what they are working on, experiments, etc. with the Internet.

Chef Louise posted a photo of a tart she made at home (not for the restaurant) and generously shared the recipe as well. It’s beautiful and sounds delicious.

Louise Bannon’s Redcurrant and Almond Tart

225g flour
75g sugar
115g butter
1 egg
Rub in the fat into the flour and sugar. Add the egg and mix until everything comes together. Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface and place in a baking tin. Bake blind* at 170 degrees celsius for 8 mins.

Almond Sponge
165g almond flour
165g sugar
165g butter
50g flour
3 eggs
Whisk the butter and sugar until pale and creamy. Add the eggs one by one. Mix in the flours. Place the mixture into the pastry shell. Place the redcurrants on top.
Bake 170 degrees celsius for 30-40mins until cooked.

*Baking blind is a term used when pie or tart pastries (crusts) are baked without the filling.

The recipe is found on this photo. Apparently, Louise will be staging in San Francisco – first at Tartine and then, who knows! If any of you are in SF definitely pop by Tartine while she’s there. She’s an incredible baker.

Instagram and the Internet are the best!


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