Soft Serve

In America, soft serve is synonymous with the Mc Donald’s ice cream cones. In Japan, soft serve or sofuto kureemu (soft cream) is on a whole ‘nother playing field.Soft serves use more cream than ice cream and the finish is this rich, creamy cold cream that basically spreads a buttery silkiness in your mouth. In Japan, there are tiny eateries, coffee shops and crepe or dessert shops dedicated to producing these delightful treats.

dolci cafe Silkream is one of my favorites. The cones are a langue de chat cookie and they are simply delicious.

If you’re even in Tokyo, try one as an afternoon snack or dessert after your meal!
dolci Cafe Silkream
drop this into Google Maps↓
東京都渋谷区神南1-19-3 ハイマンテン神南ビル1F
Hours: daily from 11am – 9am
…it’s pretty easy to spot, as they have a sandwich board outside and always, a crowd of people sitting or standing around the take out window chowing down on the cones.



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