Hardcore Instagrammers

So I stumbled onto this guy’s Instagram account and he has the loveliest photos. Scrolling through his feed, I came across this photo:


I can not believe he carries a ladder with him to take his food photos 0_0 That is hardcore! I don’t know, I’m all about pretty photos but jeez. This is next level Instagramming. Compared to a lot of the high level Instagram photographers, my photos suck. I used to be embarrassed but quickly got over it. Cold food is the worst.

By the way, this is the photo that was taken from that above ladder shot. I can tell by table, drinks, flatware, etc.



I guess it beats standing on restaurant furniture for the perfect photo. Frankly, I don’t understand how owners and managers are okay with people standing on chairs. It’s really rude. And bad manners. So to the ladder guy: rock on with your ladder climbing self!


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