Gelinaz Shuffle

I am not ashamed to admit I spent most of my early afternoon glued to Instagram, tracking #gelinazshuffle The Grand Gelinaz is a collective of incredible chefs from all over the planet, educating, exploring and collaborating with one another. On July 9th, 37 chefs swapped restaurants and cooked in unfamiliar kitchens, using (of course) the region’s ingredients. Which chef goes where was kept under wraps and revealed today.

I found a spreadsheet someone uploaded onto Instagram:

via here

This person is obviously in the San Francisco Bay Area and eating at Atelier Crenn but holy moly, check out the lineup: Chefs… David Kinch, Daniel Patterson, Magnus Nilsson, René Redzepi, Sean Brock, Yoshiro Narisawa, Ben Shewry, Alain Ducasse, … and not visible on the spreadsheet: Andoni Luis Adruiz of Mugaritz, Alex Atala of D.O.M. and Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana amongst others. Wow!

As I was tracking the hashtag, I suddenly saw all the photos from NY:

Fried oyster with tapioca and salmon roe from Chef Alex Atala at Blanca via here

Hokkaido uni cream and smoked clams from Chef Massimo Bottura cooking at Momofuku Ko. Photo courtesy of here.

Thanks to Instagram I was able to see so many dishes from all over the planet. My absolute favorite, though, was from Chef Jock Zonfrillo, who I had never heard of until seeing his food tonight. He was cooking out of Manresa in Los Gatos. (Manresa and Chef David Kinch’s food is great. I was so fortunate to dine at Manresa a few times since it was only about 20 minutes south from where I was raised).

Chef Zonfrillo’s style is definitely one I would make a dedicated trip to Adelaide, Australia for. Wherever in Australia Adelaide even is. I hope they have koalas. And kangaroos…?  Platypuses? Or is it platypusii? Hmmm note to self: google later. 

I digress. Back to the food. Focus Mona. Take a look at his menu:

Bay Area abalone and seaweed chawanmushi (not sweet egg custard) courtesy of Chef Zonfrillo’s Insta.

Mashed potato, rendered lamb roast, morels & sorrel. Photo and caption courtesy of Chef.

Black cod head, halibut, beach succulents, Meyer lemon & coriander. Photo and caption courtesy of Chef.

Grass fed wagyu beef cooked over madrone wood, spelt, beetroot, spinach & eucalyptus. Caption courtesy of Chef. Photo via here.

“Fun dip” toasted marshmallows topped with stone fruit: white peach, nectarine, & blood plum. Each mallow is coated in dehydrated/pulverized fruit, then topped with a dollop of jam and a razor thin slice of the fruit. Photo and caption courtesy of here.

And finally, Chef’s take on french toast: Californian French toast – brown bread ice cream, cinnamon cured egg yolk & Yerba Buena infused maple syrup — photo and caption (again) courtesy of Chef.

There were, of course, tens of stunning, creative dishes that absolutely made my jaw drop. And everyone who knows me, knows I am a massive Chef Sean Brock fan girl (Heritage is one of the best cook books I’ve ever read. I also love the respect he has for American cooking, the roots, histories and his knowledge of the Appalachian, Southern and African ingredients. I also reallllllly want to see his miso lab). I also love love love Chef Alex Atala style and I mean Chef Massimo? His food = delicious. Chef Narisawa (representing for my people!) and… jeez, I can keep going. Actually. Who am I kidding? Almost every single chef who participated in the shuffle I am such a fan of… but of all the dishes / menus I saw on Instagram, Chef Zonfrillo’s menu as a whole is the one I fancied the most. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Aside from all the food photos, there was a two shot photo of Chef Wylie Dufresne (rip wd~50) and Chef Massimo in the kitchen of Momofuku Ko. noma staff with light sabers. Kitchen photos the visiting chefs took with the restaurant staff. Just incredible, wonderful, once in a lifetime type scenes. 

I can keep going. 

If you’re interested in viewing them too, search for the hashtags: “gelinazshuffle” or “gelinaz” OR click this to get you started.

I am so so so very gutted to have missed this event 😦
I guess I’ll start planning an Australia trip. Onwards and upwards!


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