Expensive Doesn’t Necessary Equate to Delicious

This may be a bit rude buuuuuuttt… is it me? Or does this look unappetizing?

via undisclosed Instagram photo — publicly lambasting is unbecoming

This dish is from a Michelin, World’s 50 Best Restaurant. It’s smoked trout with a potato mouselline and caviar. Potato mouselline is basically whipped mashed potatoes — at least that’s my understanding. This one looks a bit… runny. The caviar swimming around in the liquid just doesn’t look good. I don’t know about you, but I would hesitate before eating that. The textures would probably freak me out a little too.

Oh well. Goes to show, just because a restaurant is rated highly by critics, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. 

File under: different strokes for different folks.


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