$100 Shaved Ice and High Tea in Tokyo


The Fontaine Lounge inside the Royal Park Hotel in Shinbashi is offering a shaved ice fruit parfait for apprx $90 USD. The reason this puny fruit cup costs so much is because they pour Dom Pérignon on top. This ‘adult only’ dessert is available until September 9th so if you happen to be in Tokyo and feel like splurging, check it out.

I’ve never been the Royal Park Hotel but from what I learned googling, a lot of the hotel is retro. Not in the ‘on purpose, Eames‘ type retro but more… outdated (take a look). Don’t quote me on this if you happen to go and it doesn’t look the way you picture it though. The Fontaine Lounge also offers ‘American style’ cafe food ex: clubhouse sandwiches, hot dogs, pastas, etc. They also serve afternoon tea that looks a bit scary:

photo courtesy of google images

What a special tower.

The food, desserts, high tea nor the Dom fruit parfait are very appealing to me but again, different strokes for different folks. Maybe someone reading this can take one for the team (?)

Speaking of high tea, I frequent London so I have close to zero interest in afternoon tea in Asia. However, there is one place that has piqued my curiosity:

High tea at Áman Tokyo.

Served from 12:30pm to 4:30pm in the lounge on the 33rd floor (sorry, the lounge name eludes me and it’s not on the hotel site) but when I was there for early drinks one day, I noticed ‘Afternoon Tea’ on the menu. The description was something amongst the lines of “Japanese 和 influenced delicacies for ¥5,100″ (apprx. $47 USD).

The newly opened Áman Resort is a stunning property. Even if you’re not interested in high tea, it’s definitely recommended for cocktails. I prefer it to Mandarin Oriental and even Park Hyatt. It’s still new and a little under the radar, so go before it’s discovered and gets jam packed.

Aman Tokyo
Website is here
For directions, drop this into Google Maps ↓
東京都千代田区 大手町1-5-6

…and I just noticed this post is unorganized and makes close to zero sense. Oh well. Onward!


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