Dominique Ansel Tokyo: Soft Serve


Apologies if this offends some but, I have a confession: DAB desserts and baked goods are way too sweet for me. Which most likely has to do with how I prefer savory over sweet. I’m one of those strange people who rarely craves dessert. My preference is so extreme, I would choose a cheese wheel with candles instead of a birthday cake. 

However, as a high functioning alcoholic (self diagnosed of course) when I saw on Instagram DAB was serving a Smoked Caramel soft serve with Hibiki gelée I had to try it. Anything with whiskey? Yes. Please. 

We decided to time our arrival right before closing. Mainly because our objective wasn’t to obtain a Cronut (they sell out by noon, just like NYC). But more so, it has been scorching hot in Tokyo (avg. 39 degrees, around 94 – 96 degrees) lately. Soft serves are only sold on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the weekend crowd in the trendy area where DAB is located is insufferable. Crowd + heat = no thank you. I figured if we show up near close, the crowd would’ve subsided. We wouldn’t have to stand in line and tolerate the hordes of tourists and locals in the heat. 

Turns out, the area at the front of the bakery is dedicated to soft serves and queuing is unnecessary. 

This month’s flavors are the Smoked Caramel with Hibiki gelée I was extremely keen to try. The other, Sourdough Bread with Buttery Toasted Bread Crumbs, Apricot Preseves (marmalade). 

Sadly by the time we arrived the Smoked Caramel Soft Serve was sold out but the staff was kind enough to allow me to taste the gelée. I reluctantly ordered the Sourdough but after taking one spoonful I was astonished by how delicious it was and glad I ordered this one. 

The breadcrumb topping was crunchy and savory. The soft serve was creamy but not too heavy.  Unlike typical soft serves that start feeling like a chore to finish towards the midway point. There is this balance of flavors and textures that plays with your taste buds and with every bite the tongue is asking: sweet or tart? Crunchy or smooth? The apricot marmalade is just enough fruit to bring a different element to the soft serve. This was by far, one of my favorite desserts I’ve ever had. 

If you’re in Tokyo, it is definitely recommended. It’s a bit pricey – 750 yen (around USD$7.00 for a cone) but boy is it worth it. 

The only bummer was the cookie cone which I’m assuming was supposed to be langue de chat but the texture was soft. I thought perhaps the humidity made the cone stale. But the more I ate it, I thought perhaps the cone is intentioned to have the taste and texture of a thin Madeline cookie. Strange. Next time I’m ordering the soft serve in a cup. 

 DAB Tokyo
Open daily from 8am – 7pm
Drop this into Google Maps↓


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