Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

Still deciding if this is genius or unusable. Saw it in a Japanese equivalent to Target, Don Quixote. Wonder if the lemon would smell like plastic after being spritzed through the nozzle. 

Thinking I should buy and try. Will report back! 

In the meantime if you’re interested in purchasing one, let me know. I’ll be happy to buy and ship. They’re ¥899 about $8.50 USD(though I have a feeling shipping would cost more than the actual plastic-lemon-spritzer-thingy).

PS: there’s only one review on Amazon. The person’s issue is how there’s lots of juice left in the lemon after the stabbed portion is used. Uhhhhh no shit, Sherlock. 


One thought on “Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

  1. I feel like sticking this into the lemon effectively and trying to get it to work is actually more work than just slicing the lemon itself. haha! Oh Japan!


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