Trail Mix


This post has nothing to do with Japan, Japanese food or booze but I had to bookmark somewhere so why not on my blog. Granola and trail mixes are slowly becoming popular in Japan. They are still bucketed under the ‘unfamiliar Western foods’ category though, and sold in gourmet groceries and specialty stores.

The other day, I was in Mitsukoshi (equivalent to Harrod’s or Neiman Marcus). I visit the food floor once every two weeks. In Japan, food items are constantly refreshed to reflect what is in season and or its popularity. The food industry here is hardcore and I am in awe by makers who are constantly and consistently coming out with new products. In Mitsukoshi, I saw a table I had never seen before with younger ladies crowded around. I looked over and was thrilled to discover granola and trail mix! I looked at the price and laughed out loud. $15 USD for a puny not even 8oz pouch of granola or trail mix? NOPE.

Nuts and dried fruits are a bit pricey but accessible in Tokyo. I’d rather make my own. I Googled around and found a bunch of neat tips, tricks and recipes that I’m going to leave here.



  • “To start, follow a general ratio of 50 percent nuts, 30 percent dried fruit, 10 percent seeds, and 10 percent “other”–whatever flavors or extras you’d like to add.” via craftsy (Seeds = Chia seeds, flax seeds, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sunflower seeds, wheat berries. Other = Chocolate or carob chips, pretzels, cereal, small candies such as M & M’s, flaked coconut, etc., etc.)
  • How to make the perfect trail mix via The Healthy Chef goes over the benefits of certain nuts and seeds.
  • did you know Free People the clothing line has a blog? That blog also has recipes. This one was fun so I’m including it: 3 unexpected trail mix combinations to fuel your next hike
  • I found a neat chart on Pinterest displaying time needed to dry fruit in your oven. The chart is here. Great reference to see how long a fruit will take to bake, then googling for a recipe. Cherries, peaches and strawberries take 12 hours. Not sure if I want to keep an oven running for that long though. Considering long term gas and electricity bills, a dehydrator may be a better option. They’re affordable these days.
  • Brit + Co and Buzzfeed Food have the best recipes here and here

Also, I never tried or thought of using roasted chickpeas in a trail mix! Looks pretty delicious:


That’s from a Pumpkin Spice Roasted Chickpea Trail Mix via here.

I also learned quinoa could be puffed — like little riced crispies. Amazing.


How to puff quinoa on Livestrong. And as always, Pinterest never fails me.



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