Aman Hotel, Tokyo


Sometimes clichés are apropos and for the Aman Hotel in Tokyo, pictures do indeed speak a thousand words. This week, I have some of my favorite people in town and the ballers that they are, are staying at the Aman. And this hotel is gorgeous.

Not only is the hotel stunning, the service is impeccable. The staff remembers all the guest’s faces and names. Everything — and I mean everything — is thought out for the guests so they don’t have to think. Raining out? You’re handed an umbrella as you exit the hotel. Finish your drink? The bartenders recall your name so you don’t have to sign the check. They remember preferences, room numbers, even down to the kind of phone you have and ask if your iPhones needs to be charged. I mean… who are these people?! Amazing.

Since the visitors had just arrived to town, we wandered around Omotesando and the Aoyama area to go shopping then back to the hotel for dinner and drinks. Note: Sundays are also a tad tricky for food — almost everything is closed. We had an incredible bordeaux at the bar and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the ice they use for whiskeys (they brand it with the Aman logo — kind of cheesy but unique).

Then off to the dining room where we ordered a few things. I took quick snaps of everyone’s food (the lighting was surprisingly decent). They’re not the best photos but as of late, I find myself caring more about documenting then focusing on company and actually being… present at dinner instead of having my face in my phone, furiously editing photos of food.

At any rate, if you’re ever in Tokyo and feel like splurging, definitely check out the Aman. As for the food… it tastes expensive, if you catch my drift 😉

Aman Hotel
Drop this into Google Maps ↓
東京都千代田区 大手町1-5-6
Bar and dining rooms are of course, open to all whether you are staying at the hotel or not. When I met my friends, it was high tea time and there were lots of ladies who lunch in their best Sunday outfits, enjoying a mile high tower of treats.
This is the website for their dining room here.


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