Yamazaki Mizunara #booze

Mizunara is a Japanese wood and this is a special edition Yamazaki, “slept” in Mizunara barrels. This whiskey was a Yamazaki experiment that was distilled in limited amounts for 18 years in barrels made from Mizunara. Mizunara is a type of oak found in Hokkaido. The finish, smooth and flavor is reminiscent of sandalwood and has received high regard to whiskey lovers world wide.

Then, it accidentally won and kept winning gold awards at ISC (International Spirits Challenge) for three years in a row.

Because it won awards, the price of the bottle shot up to over $1,000 USD a bottle. Which is why one glass retails $100 USD at bars.

I was fortunate to enjoy two glasses. Neat, of course. This week, I am a very lucky girl 🙂

Note: I am not a whiskey expert. This information was given to me by our bartender who was supremely knowledgable about spirits.

2 thoughts on “Yamazaki Mizunara #booze

  1. Just when I am starting to get into Japanese whiskey (after trips of drinking sake), there is complete shortage…. Same here with some Tasmanian whiskey. 2 of them win some prizes and up goes the prices to out of reach levels.


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