Epic Week; Tragic Ending

I scoured the Internet for a quote about what I’m feeling right now and nothing came even close to expressing this ultimate bummer. It might be a little dramatic but I lost my phone after an epic week of good food, drinks, laughter and adventures. There were so many once in a lifetime memories documented on my iPhone and to think it’s gone and lost forever makes me really sad.

I can’t believe I lost my phone the week I finally made it to the tuna auction in Tsukiji on a random Monday with endless down pour. Both of us were drenched. The waiting area to be escorted to the auction was jam packed by 3:30am and we barely made the cut to take part. The morning finished off with an incredible sushi breakfast which included a tiger prawn still alive and moving. Visited Gen Yamamoto. Raged in Golden Gai and accidentally opened up a bottle of champagne because we asked for sparkling (as in water) but they thought we asked for sparkling wine. Visited a bunch of quirky fun bars all over Tokyo — B Bar, the Baccarat bar in Tokyo was one of them… on and on the list continues.

I captured a bunch of precious moments so close to my heart, now locked only in my memories. It seriously bums me out. I guess I can try to write as much as I remember but it still really blows how I lost all the photos.

It’s a bit scary how reliant I am on my device. Even if I only take quick snaps I am still devestated I don’t have the photos anymore. Regardless of how mediocre the shots are. I’m writing this off as a reminder to be grateful for the memories I had the opportunity to make with some pretty incredible people.


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