Super Mega Early Tsukiji

More visuals from backlog posts continue as I sort through photos from my old phone… Here are the photos I took from this post in which I finally went to the tuna auction at the butt crack of dawn. I don’t even remember taking the photo up top but, it came out pretty legit.


Beautiful tuna sashimi pieces (that again, I do not recall taking) from the breakfast sushi. My defective phone camera worked perfectly whenever it felt like it I guess because this one isn’t blurry. I’m actually shocked by how it turned out!

And in case you’re interested, more photo dumps after the jump…


The frozen tuna. And the crowd I had to navigate on the very right – people piled on top of each other to capture the tuna. I snuck into an opening of the crowd and stole the image on the very left. Still cropped out a bunch of arms and legs and cameras though.


Part of the omakase we had. The translucent shrimp on the very right is the kurumaebi Japanese tiger prawn with the twitching tail even after we ate it. I don’t think I had a favorite piece. I mean sushi this fresh, are all tasty.


Last but not least my favorite seared shell fish place. This one you don’t need to show up at 5am to enjoy. It’s in the outer market and you can’t miss it, there are always a crowd around them. I recommend the crab and white fish they cook in the scallop shell. The scallop isn’t all that excellent.

Aaaaaand onto editing more photos I go.
Hope you enjoyed,
Mona x

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