Happy New Year and an Ode to Sushi Saito

It’s been a while — actually too long — since I last updated. Lots of changes and things going on blah blah blah [insert more excuses]. Ok fine. We are all ‘busy’. Truth is, I’ve just been too pre-occupied to update.

A lot has happened over the past few months but I promised myself to update more. And here is my first post for the new year, an ode to Sushi Saito. My most favorite sushi restaurant on the planet.

VIP seats; right smack in front of him!




Nodoguro (my favorite)




Chūtoro from one of my meals at Saito


Instead of posting hundreds of the same nigiri photos, I cherry picked the ones where Saito-san is in action. His sushi is of course delicious but there is this effect from his nigiri I have not seen from any other chef. As soon as he places the nigiri, there is this sigh the shari (rice) lets out by the weight of the neta (fish). Once can almost see this invisible magical spurt of air that wraps the nigiri in a layer of the Saito deliciousness.

It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience I recommend to all and everyone — though reservations are near impossible as of late.

Going to Saito is a blessing and a curse, as he has ruined sushi for me. I cannot enjoy high-end meals as much as I do at Saito. However I can only go once every few months are bookings are really, like unicorns.





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