Hokkaido Shinkansen


I am in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in a Starbuck’s killing time before my flight. My traveling companions are eating soup curry (super runny Japanese curry rice that looks like this — one of the things Sapporo is super famous for).

Hokkaido is the most northern island of Japan. It is the island known for their glorious seafood and the motherland of kombu.

I’ve had some incredible food here I will get around to posting but for now, here is a quick re-cap of what I learned from my second visit to this area in two months.

  • The bullet train is expensive ($200 USD for a one-way from Tokyo to Hakodate <– Hokkaido’s most Southern city; flights are about the same or cheaper. I rode in the Green Car, the equivalent of Business Class)
  • Hokkaido is MASSIVE. It takes about three hours from Hakodate to Sapporo on a super slow, lame train.
  • I much prefer Hakodate to Sapporo. Sapporo to me feels like Tokyo, where the city is so big there are many hits and many misses. The nightlife (bars, etc.) is similar to Tokyo. Hakodate has lots of small bars with more a cozy feel.
  • There is such thing as too much seafood. I’m so seafood-ed out, I am craving meat more than fish. Seriously such a first world problem in the highest order but I’m kind of over uni.

I’ll update with my recommendations in Hakodate (I’m still learning Sapporo).
Until then!



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