Sushi Tokami and Kotaro, Shibuya

Before I forget… There are three places I’ve been evangelizing. Sushi Tokami (in my list of sushi recommendations here), Kotaro (which I fondly nicknamed the Statebird Provisions of Tokyo) and Afuri (the yuzu ramen place I love love love; my Instagram is filled with Afuri photos). 

Sad updates

Tokami is now super famous. Bookings are harder, they raised their prices and the worst: the chef isn’t as wonderful and warm as he once used to be. Frankly, I heard he’s now a dick. That’s too bad. 

Kotaro in Shibuya is now also famous. He’s getting attention from the Japanese media and slowly starting to be known by people abroad. I’ve heard a lot of people are having less than stellar experiences there too. Which again, is too bad. 

Afuri… I hate saying this. But I went once in March and again last week. Both times I couldn’t finish my bowl because the broth was oily and salty. The pork belly (char siu) was practically inedible. I’m going one last time before I absolutely give up on them. 

This is an extremely sad update for me as I dislike bad mouthing places. But for visitors who have limited time in Japan and happen to stumble on my blog, I wish you all excellent visits and of course, extraordinary food, that it’s only fair to be honest. 


2 thoughts on “Sushi Tokami and Kotaro, Shibuya

  1. For what it’s worth, I dined at Tokami in late March of 2016 and Sato-san was friendly to us. He seemed really amused by the fact that I was from Kentucky since KFC is so famous in Japan.

    I just discovered your blog and I think it’s a wonderful resource 😀


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