Reason No. Bajillion Japan is the best 

As if it’s not already amazing I live in one of the greatest countries on the planet, I get the best texts from friends who visit. 

Exhibit One: “We had the most mediocre gyoza tonight and it broke my heart please only you can fix it.”

Exhibit Two: “Hey Mona, you think theres a chance we can go to a small Japanese rock band concert, just a small venue – I would really like to do that.”

Top is from one of my favorite people on the planet who is visiting from New York. We went to my favorite secret gyoza place last time she was here. 

Bottom is from a super fun chef who lives in Copenhagan. Her and her husband (who is also a world class chef) will be in town later in May. Latter caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. I thought she’d want to go eat or bar hopping but a Japanese rock concert?? So random! 

I love the people in my life 😊


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